My current Favorites

          Heyo,my beautiful people! Welcome back to my mini blogging corner! I hope you are all doing great! In this post I will share with you my current favourite beauty products list...well,let's get started !!! 1-Peripera lip tints: (in the pinkish and reddish shade) I 'm really enjoying using these lip products,the [...]


Flormar eye-shadow Palette Review.

So today I'll be doing a short review about my favourite mini palette so far!!! (Actually it's not that small, but I just called it mini because it doesn't contain much colors) So here we go!!! This mini palette contains 5 nude colors that help to create a natural makeup look as your everyday makeup [...]

Maybelline Age rewind Eye concealer .

   Hey!!! So todayI'll be doing a review about one of my favourite concealers throughout my personal experience. The Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer. So the formula of this concealer helps covering any kind of medium redness,acne scars,freckles and dark circles. Easy to use and does not take so much time to be applied because [...]