Beautiful… the way you are ?!

Are you Beautiful?
Heyo everyone !! Welcome or welcome back to my blog !! So… guys ! I am back with a new topic which is  kinda debatbale …controversial topic !! I’m not sure if 


Heyo everyone !! Welcome or welcome back to my blog !! So… guys ! I am back with a new topic which is  kinda debatbale …controversial topic !! I’m not sure if you would agree with me or just hate me for that !! Haha …just kidding won’t be that harsh though!…but anyways, I’m gonna express my thoughts HONESTLY… So yeah! Now, I think … I am so done with the intro…Guys let’s get straight to the point !! 

Well,maybe we all have heard the expression “You are beautiful the way you are ! ” at least once in our life…BUT ! Does that person really mean so ? Does that person really believe so ?! Does that person really think so ? Well I guess in 80% of the cases that person is just either: telling a ” white lie ” in order not to hurt our feelings !! Or that person prefer to see you that way because that way this latter will look prettier ,better and healthier that you do ( I am not exaggerating this kind of people does exist!) Or maybe ,that person is just trying to make us comfortable and accept who we are the way we are..even if we look extremely horrible ! or maybe that person really believe so !  But guess what ! Here’s the deal …Do you think you are beautiful ? Are you happy with who you are? I am not talking about the freaking unrealistic beauty standards that some imperfect people just like me and you DID put on the table,and make us all believe in them !! Well ! Back to that question ! Do you really think so ! Are you happy with who you are !? If your answer is no or not really  ! Don’t be afraid ! You’re not alone! because Me Myself ! I had and still have some little insecures ! Yes ! I Do ! But guess what ! I’ve worked on two main things :1st- accepting who I am,I mean things that I believe that they make me different and special !! 2nd- of course change the little things that I believe that I don’t like about myself..yes ! Those things that make me insecure to death ! As an example ! back then I used to look extremely unhealthy.. I mean I was underweight in other words : too skinny ! But once I’ve realized that I really hate that ! And that it effected my health so badly ! At that moment I’ve started to take care of myself more !by eating properly and working out ! That way ! I can’t describe how much confidence I’ve gained and how much my life changed after that ! I mean I don’t have to hide anymore! I don’t have to feel too much insecure about my body anymore especially in crowded places ! I’m not afraid to be judged anymore and more importantly I live a more healthy life ! Also ,it is so ok to work on improving your looks and taking care of your skin  maybe you feel a little insecure about your face (nose,jaw,lips,cheeks) ! You can fix that at least by making that area look better ! I am not calling for plastic surgeries but personally I do some facial massages and facial yoga on daily basis ! It’s not like I am not accepting my looks but because I want to look better ! C’mon girls you all like to look pretty. Don’t you? It’s natural ! Well, reaching that point ! Means that you need to stop believe in some widespread quotes just because they are famous and start being you ! Make your own new standards ! If you don’t like your body ! It’s OK to change it ! To eat more or eat less,to practice sports and to work out ! But here’s the big deal ! You need to look like you not like some celebrity hottie out there! maybe you like to look a little curvy ! A little chubby or a little skinny ! Or whatever ! Because at the end of the day ! It’s your body and you are so free to look the way that makes you comfortable with ! This mean that if you’re not happy with your body… there’s no harm to change the body that you came in ! Same with your personality maybe you’re so rude or just a judgemental person or even a bully ! Does these make you beautiful the way you are ? Of course not !and for sure you need to work desperately on changing that ! Because that way you’re just harming people! And this has nothing to do with beauty !

Well,you can always do something about it ! Don’t give up on you just because somebody said so !

Well ,guys that was today’s post ! And these were some of my thoughts about beauty ! Well I hope you liked it ! What are your thoughts about the topic ? Well please leave them in the comment box down below ! Well !thank you so much guys for passing by ! Love you all ! Bye for now and I’ll see you in my next post ! Bye ! Love you ! 😘

                   .          Naly 😘

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