How To Be Productive !!

How can I be more productive ????
Have you ever asked yourself such a question !! If you did …well ! I hope this post will give you some good answers to your precious question !!


Heyo everyone !!! Welcome or welcome back to my blog !! Hello lovelies !! I really missed you… I really missed the blogging community …Uhm! Yes I did! …’cause it has been a while since I’ve published my latest post … It has been like …2 weeks ? 3 weeks !? I guess ! OK I don’t really know !!but anyways! The most important thing is that I’m finally back on track !! 
Well,today’s post is going to be a lifestyle post ! As most of my previous posts (yeah ! Since my blog is more likely … a lifestyle blog as many of you may have noticed!! Well ! Hope some did ! 😅)Uhm! Anyways ! Let’s go straight to the point!! 

   How can I be more productive ????
Have you ever asked yourself such a question !! If you did …well ! I hope this post will give you some good answers to your precious question !! Well… here we Go !!

1-Get A Planner !!!

Ok !! Getting a planner is the most important key for a successful person with a successful career!! Yeah ! Go get a planner !!! whether a physical planner or a digital one on your cellphone…this way you’ll stay organized and productive!! Personally! I prefer the physical ones for my daily tasks ! I don’t know I love the feeling of crossing out tasks and you know… Like I’ve accomplished something !!! … I’m not saying that I’m a too old fashion person ’cause I use digital planners myself … For appointments,school homeworks,and all those stuffs !! So yeah ! I go digital as well ! So yeah! Personally I use both physical and digital planners !! And please ! Bear in mind that those to-do lists,daily tasks, short term goals ,Long term goals !!that you may look down at them !! Are the actual key for your future success!!!  

2-Plan !!!

Now that you’ve got a planner …Plan ! Go ahead ! And plan your day  ! Organize your life ! Identify your goals and who you wanna be ! Jot down all those things all those goals and plans ! And then organize them and look for ways to realise them !!!!

3-Clear space ! Clear minds !!

Make sure to make your bed every single morning! Organize your closet and get rid of items you don’t use no more ! The mess around us really decrease our rate of productivity !!

4- Be Healthy !!

Drink enough water throughout the day ! Make sure that you are having enough food and vitamins throughout the day !Exercise !!!….Make sure that you are taking care of yourself ! Of your body ,mental and psychological health !! Because going underweight or overweight is never good for your health nor your productivity!! 

5-Take breaks !

Avoid stressing out and working non stop! Because overworking is not a good option to progress ! Actually, you’ll think that you are progressing and that you are accomplishing your goals faster than others ! But well! Once your body is tired and can’t take your way of living !! Be sure that your body will drag you down so bad !! So ,take breaks from time to time ! Go for picnics, travel ,eating out,or even for a walk or a run ! Take a break one day at least every other month !! In order to release stress and start fresh ! And why not clear your mind a little bit !!! 

6- Mindset 

Set your mind !! Know what you are doing and why you’ve started doing this in the first place ! Don’t let yourself finish unless you’re done ! Because skipping your tasks over and over again will lead you no where !!

7Get inspired !

Yeah ! Read some inspirational biographies !! Look for inspirational stories ! And check out some influencers’ social media accounts and see how they are taking control over their life ! I’m not saying that you have to compare your life with theirs  ! Of course I’m not calling out for this but I’m asking you to look for sources of inspiration to develop and improve your life,style,and way of thinking a little more !  

8-Stay motivated !

Always remember why you’ve started this in the first place!! And compare yourself today with the person you were yesterday,last week,last month,last year !! This process will always keep you motivated and thirsty to see how far you can improve even more !!! 

                            Done !!!!

So yeah ! We are done so far !! And these were some of my favourite tips at the moment… to be more productive and get a more meaningful life !! I hope you liked them and that they were some few good tips that will help you in some aspects of your life ..hope you’ve found this post helpful ! Bye for now ! And I will see you in my next post bye !!! Love you all 😘!! Bye !!!

                            Naly 😘

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