101 Random thoughts #4

Sometimes Unplanned things happens…here and there ! You feel lost for a moment but here you are!!you’ve found your lost mind after a while… Just focussing on the truth that we are all visitors… Yes,Visitors! One day we will leave and for ever … Soon, No one can ever hear your deep weeping ,your unclear voice , your sad goodbyes !! You might not get the chance for good farewells….geez, not even a random farewell! You may step out of a door and never step back ! You’ll never know when they relate your name to the dark R.I.P ! You’ll never know when comes your turn !that moment when you have to unquestionably… Take a deep breath… Close your eyes… Leave your heavy body and let your pure soul fly high in the sky!! Up there ! No chains,No regrets,No look backs ! You’ve just dropped your worldly body! You’ve just gave up on your life ,yesterday’s worries ,your mates  … You want to get back all those worldly stuffs but …it’s over ! “TIME’S UP …GAME OVER”


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