100 Things To Do When Bored

Heyo everyone!! Hello dolls!!!

Have you ever felt like supper duper bored!! And don’t know what to do ! Still want to do something since you don’t want to waste your precious time just like that …Well,in this post I will suggest about 100 various activities to do when bored!! Well let’s get started !!!

                       Here we Go !!!!




                               Go !!!

1-Write in a journal

2-Watch TV

3-Watch YouTube videos.

4-Apply a face mask


7-Have your favourite dessert

8-Take a hot shower or bath

9-Paint your nails …get a manicure!

10-Go for a run


12-Read a magazine

13-Read a blog

14-write a short story

15-clean your bedroom

16-Try a new recipe

17-Do a craft project

18-Read a book

19-Write a letter 

29-Clean out a drawer

30-Help someone

31-Go to a garden

32-Call a friend



35-play chess

36-Try a new makeup look

37-Clean your room

38-Organize your desk

39-Edit photos/pictures

40-Go for a walk

41-Go through pinterest boards

42-re-arrange your room

43-Try new hairstyles.

44-make a wish list

45-plan your week

46-watch a movie

47-drink tea

48-look through old messages

49-think about the future

50-take pictures

51-memorize a series of random numbers



54-Go for Shopping!!

55-write random notes 

56-learn new words (belonging to a foreign language).

57-Read manga


59-clean your makeup brushes

60-listen to new music

61-Go for a picnic

62-Shop online.

63-Write a new blog post 

64-clean your shoes.


66-memorize a song

67-watch beauty tutorials

68-paint yourself

69-paint on yourself

70-learn a new language

71-go somewhere new

72-go outside

73-read about strange incidents

74-Read about the history of a foreign country

75-do some search about extinct animals

76-feed your pet

77-Meet a friend

78-Write a poem/song


80-Watch a reality TV show

81-Go for a drive


83-Brush your hair

84-listen to old music


86-Draw something

87-Clean your house

88-Eating out!

89-Massage your facial muscles.

90-Go weird!

91-Do laundry.

92-Light a candle

93-Play cross words


95-check out your social media !

96-watch anime


98-design a dress

99-plant some seeds  !!!

100-Read the newspaper

 Thank you so much guys for reading this!! I hope you’ll find it helpful …even for like 1% !!!

Bye for now and I will see you in my next post !! Love you all 😘 !! Bye !!!

                             Naly 💕


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