Heyo everyone!! Welcome or welcome back to my blog ! I hope that you are all doing so great and that you are enjoying your precious time!



No School…No college 🏫,No lectures 📚,no Univ.Bus 🚃,No handouts 📋📄,No Homeworks📝, No Classes🚪📔 !!!!!

So now that I am officially done with this semester’s final exams …like so done!! I am ready to rock this summer break ! Haha 😂 …!

So yeah! It’s summer break and I don’t have to wake up at 5 A .M to get ready for college ! And I don’t have to sleep for like 45 hours a day ONLY !! …because I have so much work to do ! You know ! It’s so hard to keep up with my studies (Homeworks,Presentations,Readings, Researches…) And as for me, I always make sure to get high grades.. yes!otherwise I won’t be happy 😯  ! ! And also, self-Care! In terms of daily skin /body care,daily shower and making sure that I look good and put together like every single day ( outfits,makeup look…)! You know girly stuff 😄:)  ! …Also I try to make sure that I am still looking healthy (tho I lost few pounds 😑)  and that I am drinking enough water through out the day! … Moreover, keeping up with my blog ,Workout,social life ….ect ..yes, soooo much pressure !!!  (Not complaining,because I really love my life…not the best lifestyle but I am good with it…I like it!)

                    Semester Ends

 Now I am so happy because finally I can find some time to relax and chill for a little while !! Yeah !! Usually I spend the summer break taking care of my physical(workout, skin care,Yoga…) and psychological health (motivation,relax,try to be positive and get rid of all the negative energy)  …yeah! Usually ,summer break is all about “Me Time!”…so yeah! I try to treat myself ..haha! Kinda a reward after  super busy semesters ! 

I really like the summer break ! Not only because of treating myself! But also,because (Usually) I spend a good time discovering and learning new things ! 

Yeah! I spend a good time learning new things and knowing more about who I am as a person ..about my hobbies,personality, interests ! 

Also,you know shopping,watching k-dramas that I missed,reading new books and maybe travelling so yeah! All those fun stuffs!! 

And finally,plan for the upcoming months! 

Thank you so much guys for reading this ! And I wish you a super exciting summer break !Love you all 💕 ! Bye for now and I will see you in my next post ! Bye  😘 !!!

                             Naly 💕


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