42 Reasons why I workout

Heyo everyone!!! Hello dolls !!! Welcome or welcome back to my blog !! 

Working out is so important for us as human beings and as persons because it improves our physical, mental and psychological health as well….  Well,in this post I will share with you 42 reasons about why I work out and why you have to workout as well !! 

             Let’s get started !!!

1-It helps me to be Healthy.

2-It helps me to look good as I feel.

3-It makes me more confident.

4-It helps me to be in shape.

5-It helps me to feel less stressed.

6-It helps me to feel less anxious.

7-It helps me to be more patient.

8-It helps me to be a better person.

9-It helps me to have a better attitude on life.

10-It helps me to look better.

11-It helps me to challenge myself more.

12-It gives me more energy.

13-It helps me to be more flexible.

14-It helps me to strengthened my muscles.

15-It helps me to develop healthy habits.

17-It helps me to get a healthy lifestyle.

18-It helps me to stand taller.

19-It helps me with depression.

20-It helps me to regulate my sleep

21-It helps me to feel accomplished

22-It helps me to feel better about myself

23-It helps me to get stronger.

24-It improves my appetite.

25-It lifts my mood.

26-It improves my body image

27-It helps with self-control

28-It erases back pain

29-It boosts productivity

30-It improves oxygen supplies to cells 

31-It boosts my mental health

32-It improves learning ability

33-It prevents muscle loss

34-It lowers high blood pressure

35-It improves skin tone and color

36-It boosts creative thinking

37-lower risk of diabetes

38-It builds self-esteem

39-It increases pain resistance

40-It makes life more exciting

41-It helps to strengthened my heart

42-It helps me to be more focused in life 

Thank you so much guys for reading !!!Hope yo’ll find this helpful :)Love you all 😘 ! Bye for now !! And I’ll see you in my next post ! Bye 💕  

                            Naly 💕


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