My Spring Night Routine ! {College Edition}

Heyo everyone !!! Welcome or welcome back to my blog ! I hope you are all doing great !!!… my night routine is not….


Heyo everyone !!! Welcome or welcome back to my blog ! I hope you are all doing great !!! Well , today I am back with another lifestyle post !! Yeah !so, As you can tell from the title… it is going to be my School spring evening routine ! actually, my night routine is not always the same …but I will tell you what I usually do in my real spring night routine !!Yeah ! So let’s get straight to it !!!

1-The first thing I do when I get home is to change into my comfy pajamas ! Then I head straight to the bathroom to remove my makeup and brush my teeth…haha! Yes! So cleaning is the first step !


3-I go straight to the kitchen…yeah! I need to have my late lunch.. Usually ,I don’t have any kind of lunch at college…because I don’t really have time to enjoy a good lunch there …like there is no way to do that ! No breaks!

4-I head straight to my room…I  hold my phone check out my social medias …after that I Either :just grab any kind of book I want to read/ or just turn on the TV to see what’s going on /I watch YouTube videos….yes,the option depends on my mood!!

5-I start doing my homeworks !!! Usually bunch of them !!UGH!College! 

6-Dinner Time!!!!

7-I take a shower ,brush my hair and do my simple nighty skin care routine !!and then I just brush my teeth !! And yeah I am so done!

8-I go back to my room !and try to pick up an outfit,Shoes…for the day after !

9- And yeah! finally I set the alarm ! And here I am so ready to sleep

Good night !!! 

Thank you so much guys for reading !I know that there is nothing special about my night routine ! But well …I just wanted to share it anyway !!!

 I hope you enjoyed this post bye for now and I will see you in my next post !!! Love you all… bye !!!

                                             It’s Naly💕


17 thoughts on “My Spring Night Routine ! {College Edition}

  1. Same routine. I like your habit of praying, for me it gets hard to pray directly coming back from school, but I try my best too. It was great reading your post. Last night I just shared my morning routine blog. I will really appreciate it if you will check it. ❤

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