101 Random Toughts #3

In a wild beautiful garden out there,there were thousands of attractive daizies,lilies and bluebells. It was a beautiful sunny day,there in the ninety nine square dreamland…where you can enjoy the fresh breeze like nowhere else.. the view of the flying Albatrosses high in the the sky ,the sparkle of the butterflies and flowers under the golden sunshine brings her back to life.She wanted to make the scene even… more special,so she closed her eyes and played hide and seek with the colorful butterflies, the swing of the daisies had her to believe that they want to join them…too…She was speechless….              Then,she sat down to eat some toast and  strawberry jam while drinking orange juice to enjoy the picnic. Well,She enjoyed her few hours there…but then it was time to leave and go back to her busy life..she felt like she’s out of the world for a while before her sweet journey ended as she stepped into her car.


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