Kpop at university!

Last week ,there was an event at my university. At First,I didn’t care…..


Heyo everyone !!!Hello my beautiful people! Welcome or welcome back to my blog !!!!
Last week ,there was an event at my university…you know there were bunch of tables about bunch of themes ( Handcraft, Books in different languages, Chinese culture😍 …and so many others).To be honest,At First,I didn’t care about what the event was all about!I don’t know I just didn’t pay attention to what was going on there!…Suddenly, I saw a huge number of students gathering in the same corner! I approached mainly because I was curious! (Glad I was!) Then Ta-Dah! it turns out to be about Manga and Kpop!!!!!! I was like YAYYYYYY!!!!!! I don’t know I acted like a fool 😂!! My friend was so surprised… Poor girl 😂😂!!!(mainly because she’s not into kpop …That’s why she will never understand  hehe! ^^)well, I freaked her out!!  …you know,bunch of otaku /kpopers gathering at the same place/time!!! …OK! that’s my thing!!! When I approached…guess what!? I heard BTS-Blood Sweat and tears! (I closed my eyes and started singing…I don’t know ..don’t mind me 😁… what!)  O! this may sound normal ! But only if I was living in some other Asian country …but the fact that I am an Algerian who lives in Algeria!! Well this is quite strange! Kpop in here!!!!!! I don’t know about you guys!! But I was super happy super exited mainly because of kpop and Manga and also because I was able to meet and know about other students who are also interested in the Asian culture .YAY!

Just to mention there were bunch of manga/kpop/anime stuffs YAY! Haha !!(but unfortunately no T-shirts or bags :'()  

And I got these cuties right here!yeees!look at’em!!!!

Anyways,during that event they also played BAP’s No Mercy and BTS Fire…and many other kpop and Jpop songs!!! (Also as most of you don’t know I am a super fan of BAP’s music…I don’t know,but I think that their music is kinda special and meaningful)Like what!… Can’t believe it !!! BAP + BTS songs at an event in my university …Seriously.. I can’t take it!!!😍 

Sorry guys I know that it would be better if I  published some pictures about the event to show how it goes …but well …unfortunately I had no time to take pictures and stuff  …because of my Classes !!(There was a short break and I spent it that way !!)Plus,my cellphone’s battery… UGH!!!I don’t wanna talk about that!!!

Anyways,what about you guys !! Have you ever been to such events!! I really wanna know !! Please comment down bellow and let me know !!

PS.there will be another event on 21st May I guess and there will be a corner for Kpop and Manga as well and I’ve heard that the event will be so much fun  …I am so exited!!! Although,my final exams will start also on the 21st May as well😑…but I will try my best to get there …and maybe write a post about it…I am not sure yet,but who knows !!! Maybe I ‘ll be able to do so !!! 

Thank you so much for reading this !!! And thank you so much for passing by!!!bye for now and I’ll see you in my next post  ….love you all,BYE!!!!!!!

                                          With love ,


10 thoughts on “Kpop at university!

    1. Yeah! I was so much fun !!! So true !!! Especially here ! It’s hard to find people who are interested in the Asian culture!!! Thanks for reading and thank you so much for passing by!!

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      1. I didn’t know the reach of K pop and manga was so wide reaching that you’ll know so much about it to become a fan!! 😊 Feel free to ask me questions if you wanna know more about Asian culture or even Chinese culture specifically. I’m Chinese by ethnicity BTW, though not from China. You know where to reach me, haha😀

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  1. Oh you are soo lucky!!! I envy you.
    I love BTS (I like many kpop groups, but I love BTS). If only my university had something like that. If I heard a BTS song in public, I will probably faint with excitement. (No one I know is into kpop, the sad reality of my life 😦 )
    Lucky you!

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    1. I was shocked myself !!! But well it was sooo much fun!! Haha!! to be honest ! I ‘ve never expected to hear any kpop song in public I mean… that loud!!! That was insane!

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