5 items 5 minutes makeup look.

Heyo everyone!! 

Hello,ma people!!! welcome or welcome back to my blog !! I hope you you are all doing so great !!! Well in this post I will share with you a simple makeup tutorial that focuses on popping your eyelashes in a natural way!!!this makeup look needs only 5 makeup items and could be accomplished in less than 5 minutes!it is suitable for late morning routines or just when you want to look so natural …. shall we start then!?

Well …here we go !!!

1-Sunscreen: first of all you need to protect your skin using a sunscreen …yes!  because of the SPF in it! So put a good amount of the product on your face and just blend it all out!

2-Concealer: just conceal naturally  under your eyes to hide any dark circles.Also,use concealer to hide any blemishes or acne scars.

3-Brown eye-shadow(matte): use it to fill on your eyebrows, slightly countoure your nose (if needed)Also, put some on your lids and on your lower eyelashes to give your eyes some definition….Remember..your eyebrows and eyelids must look super natural !!

4-Mascara: here’s the fun part !make your eyes pop! Curl your eyelashes and then it’s up to you to make your lashes as long as you want … Make sure to use a super black mascara for this look because it is all about eyelashes !!

5-Lip Balm : because you want a kinda natural look as if you didn’t try so hard!! So yeah ! Lip balm is the right option !

And here you go!


Thank you so much guys for passing by !! Bye for now and I’ll see you in my next post !! Love you all!! bye😘!!! 

                                     With love ,

                                                  Naly 💕


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