My Spring Playlist 🎵

Heyo everyone!!! Welcome back to my blog!!! I hope you are all doing Great!!! Well as you can tell from the title of this post … in this blogspost I’d share with you my current spring playlist 🎧…Yay!!! Hehe!

…Shall we start then!!

Well here we go!

-The chainsmokers ft.Phoebe Ryan-This is all we know.

-The chainsmokers ft.Daya -Don’t let me down.

-The chainsmokers ft.Halsey-Closer

-The chainsmokers ft.Emily warren-My type

-The chainsmokers-Young

-Zedd ft.Alessia Cara -Stay

-The chainsmokers-Paris

-Two friends ft.Cosmos and creature-Out of love

-Daya-Still still,look pretty

-Daya-Hide away

-Daya -Words


-Frenship ft.Emily Warren -Capsize

-K.A.R.D -Don’t Recall

-Berry Good-I don’t believe

-B.A.P -Wake me Up.

-B2st (Highlight)-Shock

-Highlight-Pls don’t be sad



So yeah!!! this is pretty much what I’ve been listening to recently….and that was my playlist of the moment being!!!

Well as you can tell guys… I am so obsessed recently with chainsmokers’ music …haha!!! Well,Actually I think their music is kinda artistic you know that sort of catchy dreamy music I guess!…so YES!!! Haha!!! Maybe That’s why there are too many of their music 🎵 in my playlist…

Hope you enjoyed it… and thanks for reading ;)!!!

What about your playlists!? any recommendations!? Please let me know in the comments down below about your current favourite songs well that’s all for today !!! …Bye for now and I’ll see you in my next post! Love you All !! Bye 😘

                                         With love,

                                                    NALY 💕


9 thoughts on “My Spring Playlist 🎵

    1. Aw Ed Sheeran ‘s new album!!! Gotta check it out right away!! I really love his music πŸ’• ….thank you so much for passing by and for introducing me to your lovely blog πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

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