5 Things every girl needs in her bag ! (spring edition)

Heyo everyone!!! Welcome back to my blog!!! I hope you are all enjoying your time and having fun!! Well,I’m back with a new topic for today’s blogspot!!Anyways,in today’s post I’d share with you 5 essential things that every girl needs to carry in her bag during spring time! Yay!…Shall we start then!!!

1-Water Bottle: The weather is quite dry and warm at the moment so you need to drink a lot of water during the day .Also, your skin won’t thank you for less hydrating your body …because this could damage your skin as well and not just your body so make sure to take care of your health by drinking water…Remember,you should keep your body HYDRATED!!anyways,you’ll feel a lot better if you carry a water bottle  in your bag !!

2-Deodorant/ Perfume: No need to go deep in details but,Girls..You Need’em!!

3-Wipes:You know it’s kinda hot out there and your makeup can go wrong during a long day so whenever you need to fix it ,just clean that spot using wipes .

4-Some makeup necessities: Maybe Mascara or lipstick or even concealer… These are the most important products to refix your makeup!(personally I ‘d carry a lipstick/lipliner)
5-Hand cream: You know ! During spring the weather changes quickly throughout the day from cold to very hot!(OK..at least here hehe!) Well,our skin can not stand such quick changes in the temperature and the weather in general..so they got kinda patchy and dry…well,this is not cool at all…You need a good smelling handcream in your bag!!

Thanks for reading…I hope you did enjoy reading this post ..bye for now and see you in my next post!!!!

                                     With love,

                                                 Naly 💕


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