The Algerian Tag

Heyo,Everyone!!! Welcome back to my blog.I hope you are all doing great✌!In today’s post I will invite you to take a closer look to where I belong …yes,I’m inviting you to take a glance at my may wonder:What!!?what does it mean?! Well,in this post I will talk a little bit about my country. In my previous posts I mentioned that I’m an Algerian girl yet,I bet !!! The majority of the readers of my blog have like no idea about Algeria…may be some don’t know what Algeria is.So,I thought it would be a good idea to draw your attention to one important aspect of my life well, LET’S GET STARTED!

  • NAME:  Algeria.                               In Arabic : El DJazair.                     In the Algerian dialect: Dzair /El Djezeyer.

  • Dz/ALG.

  • Language:Arabic and Amazight.
  • Capital: Algiers.

  • Continent: Africa (North Africa)

  • Our Flag

    Some Facts:   

    • Algeria is the Largest country in Africa.

      • The Algerian dialect is way too different from the standard Arabic because of our history… It is a combination of many languages such as,Arabic,Amazight,French,and some Spanish and Greek words.So, people from other Arab countries don’t really get what we are saying when we talk to them (Not talking about people from Tunisia and Morocco) and they find it a very difficult dialect (problems of mutual intelligibility )yet,some do understand some sentences.

        • The majority of Algerians are white but you can find thousands(if not millions) of people who look like Africans and Chinese people as well(Asians in general …and some others look like Indians…some even call Algeria the African USA because of the numerous races in here…so,no racism.I remember in my primary and elementary schooldays I studied with other Algerian  kids who look exactly like Africans and others who look like Asians.Actually,we didn’t pay attention to each others’phisical differences at all.Although, we were so young yet ,we never cared about such things… Yup , this is Algeria bb…the African melting pot !!

            Finally, here are extra pictures of Algerian places and cities in case you’ve never knew how Algeria looks like!!!⬇

            Thanks for reading;) and thank you so much for passing by!! 

                                                     With love,



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