The versatile blogger award

Heyo ma beautiful people!!!!! Welcome back to my blog ….I am so delighted to be nominated for the versatile blogger award.Ahhhh!!!!I am so happy to be noticed in the blogging community and so thankful for all the previous nominations….so thank you soooo much guys for all the love and support 💕💕.

Well,I am writing this post to thank the beautiful blogger from TheGirlOnthego08 for nominating me for the blogger award…. You can check out her post

Please check out her blog as well….you won’t be disappointed.

Here are the Rules:

  • You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (Being kind)
  •  Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love, that was given)
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice (At least)
  • Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful)

7 facts about me :

  • I love makeup…like so freaking much😍
  • I enjoy listening to kpop songs
  • I enjoy watching horror movies
  • I love chocolate, cup cakes… know all those sweet Delicious stuff.
  • I want to visit Zanzibar… Such a beautiful place😍.
  • I am a super fan of the Asian culture.

My nominations:

    Well thank you so much for reading this post….and see in my next post!!! Bye !!!!
                                                With love, 



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