5 Tips to boost your grades this semester (Classroom edition)

  Heyo everyone!!! Welcome back to my blog !!! I hope you are all doing great!!! In this post I’ll share with you my top 5 study tips (Classroom edition) to get higher grades this semester…well, I believe that these tips are very helpful because they will help you to study smarter not harder!!!   

Well Let’s get started!!!!!


You need to be 100% focussed inside the classroom (at least 85%…c’mon guys ..you can do it!!).Even if you think that the lecture is boring ,still!!! since you are already there …please, don’t just waist your precious time.  Study now and have fun later…Am I wrong!!!
2-Ask Questions:

Don’t be shy and ask questions. You are there to understand and to know things you never knew about before…right!! You are there to learn, so don’t feel ashamed to ask questions,even if you are the only one who didn’t get what the teacher is saying.


Use a medium sized notebook (it’s OK to use a smaller one) to jot down extra notes/answers to your questions about the lesson don’t worry if your notes are a total mess…because you are going to rewrite them in a clean and organized way later on (at home… I mean)


OK,participation inside the classroom is an important key to show that you are interested to the lesson’s topic and that you are appreciating the fact that you are there,but please don’t talk a lot or act like a super genius …because this is really …..really annoying!…yet,You Must PARTICIPATE!!!!

5-Attend your classes: 

Don’t be absent!Don’t miss you classes because this will bring you no good results.

Thanks for reading 💕

I hope you’ll find these tips helpful… Thanks again for passing by…💙
                                       With love,



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