101 Random Thoughts #2

     Empty rooms,dark circles,old doors,open windows. I walked in and started to wonder should I fight or just surrender. Although,I couldn’t keep quiet yet,I couldn’t scream out loud ….I couldn’t shout….I felt chained up…all those chains were holding me so freaking tight.All those empty dark rooms made me sick…same darkness, same voices,same old lies.I turned around and faced my shadows. I couldn’t step back or move forward.But then it comes the moment….I reminded myself that staying in the same place will only make me regret.So,I closed my eyes and stepped forward… All those fears and dark shadows started to fade and leave.. My endless fears started to fade up…Wait …they disappeared all in once! I am not afraid… No more fears and darkness… It was all because I went against them all.Suddenly, I noticed a key that could shine miles away…that key was placed in the corner of that dark room…it was there…the whole time…but I’ve never noticed…All those shadows were in between us…So that I can never touch it….the shadows are gone and I held the key… and won my freedom.

                                             With love, 



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