My current Favorites


       Heyo,my beautiful people! Welcome back to my mini blogging corner! I hope you are all doing great! In this post I will share with you my current favourite beauty products list…well,let’s get started !!!

1-Peripera lip tints: (in the pinkish and reddish shade)

I ‘m really enjoying using these lip products,the color is amazing .Other than that … the product stays there for long hours..and I don’t wanna forget to mention that they smell really good…I really love using them.

2–Peau Parfaite- sunscreen (SPF 50+) 

I love it!! It may sound like a regular sunscreen but it is not.Although it is a sunscreen yet it does a medium coverage with whitening effect,and what I like the most about this product is the natural glow that gives to my skin …it makes my skin look so fine.

3- Venus moisturizer:

Although it is a super affordable moistrizer yet,it does the jobit is so good!!!

4-Simbel Rose water:

I’m in love with this right now, because since I’ve started using it my skin gets a lot better.

5-Evoluderm Makeup remover:

Literally, one of the best makeup remover products I’ve ever used. It is so soft ,smooth and does its job.What I like the most is the fact that it doesn’t burn my eyes like some other products I’ve tried before.

Thank you so much guys for passing by..and thanks for reading !!!

See you in my next post!!! 

                                            With love,



10 thoughts on “My current Favorites

    1. They tint your whole lips …. but as I know it’s just a Korean makeup technique of using lip products (to tint parts of the lip)so that they tint only the inner part of the lip in order to create the gradient lips look….so it’s up to you ☺.

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    1. Usually I moisturize my lips before applying lip tints (or lipsticks/lip liners as well) in order to avoid the dry lips look… Yet,it happened to me once (during my first time trying lip tints ever) because I forgot to moisturize my lips πŸ’„ so my lips got really dry back then!!!

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