101 Random Thoughts


It was a cold winter day, you are enjoying the view of that downpour..those pretty snow flakes.Everything is grey,dark and sad…Actually,you’ve never heard silence quiet this loud.You walk in …All what you can see…Dark souls.All you can hear…Hoots.All what you can smell…rotten souls of fakers.all what you can touch is…the ugly truth.All what you are thinking about is… What’s wrong.It’s all about people who wore beautiful sparkling masks,they made you believe that this is their truth…their real faces…but what makes it bitter is that…you believed them…you trusted them.Time passes,and as we get older…people get colder….now,it is so hard to keep those pretty masks on.oh!in a Blink,you meet their ugly hidden truth.You think they loved you…but,they didn’t.You think they cared about you …but they didn’t.You think you’ll never leave them… but you will.You think you’ll never forget about them …but have to… well,you will.You thin you’ll miss them but….you won’t. It was a lie …all of that was a girly pinkish daydream lie…All those beautiful lies were yesterday’s truth.They acted nice to you…but played dirty behind your back …you think you are wrong…but this is the truth.Billion questions comes up to your mind…but you can get no worthy answers.They try hard to look pretty ….ten lays of makeup on..high heels and fancy bags …Such liars, clowns and dirty cheaters… This is where they belong… that colorful rotten fake world…still,they think they can fool you …..but no more.

                                             With love, 



5 thoughts on “101 Random Thoughts

  1. Hi Naly, it’s so true! Never assume they won’t leave or won’t betray you. Love yourself first above anything else. Not because you are selfish, but because at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can take care of yourself… xoxo Sarah

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      1. The people you love the most have the power to make you fall the deepest! I try to not hold grudges and understand why. But sometimes, there are no excuses for that behavior. Sometimes, people only see their truths, they tell themselves they did for the best. They lie to themselves that it’ll be okay. The fact is, because they ought to know you well, it hurts twice as much. That’s why I’ve had a period of my life that I lowered all my expectations. But it’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to tell them it’s not okay. Never let anyone hurt you, without putting up a fight. If they hurt you, they have to at least be confronted with your hurt feelings… But whatever happens in life, you need to keep that bit of reservation to yourself, to protect yourself and to never assume that love is unconditional, because I don’t believe in it… xoxo Sarah

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    1. You are right …so right!!! The worst thing is when those who acted as friends are actually your worst enemies…. They act as friends but deep inside they are full of jealousy, envy and hate … And all what they are aiming at is to see you fall !!! Also,they hate the way others like you !!!
      Of course!!! by loving yourself you can shake the world… Loving yourself really makes stongerrrrr!!!

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  2. So true!! I will it’s never OK to hurt others’ feelings and spread lies about them….well i figured out that they are just bunch of fake people….well as Taylor swift said “haters gonna hate….fakers gonna fake…but I ‘m just gonna shake” ….👏 …well if you want friends let them be much better than you…but if you want enemies be better than your friend…yup this is life!!! And we gotta deal with it!!!


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