5 Things to Start a Fresh Semester

Heyo everyone!!! I hope you are all doing well !! In this post I thought it would be a good idea to talk about SCHOOL!…yes,schoolish stuff 📚📓…and more precisely ways to start a new fresh semester full with success and high grades…well,let get started !!!!

1-Evaluate your previous semester:                                                 Grab a pen and paper , then write down all your achievements and wrong turns during your previous semester. By the end of this process you will be aware enough about what you’ve must done last semester and what you shouldn’t have done.Next,write down the reasons and the causes of your failure/success as well.now,you have a clear image about your previous semester. Finally,compare your achievements with the goals that you’ve decided about at the beginning of that semester…well now, you got everything you need to know about evaluating and analysing your previous semester.

2-Forget about your previous semester:                                                  Now,stop thinking about the previous semester like …completely, even if you’ve killed it and got the best and highest grades ever(as well as failure…just let it go!). Because thinking about your achievements a lot will bring you no good so,just forget .Ps:even if you have to burn that paper…psychologically, it is good to do that… I mean to jot down on a paper things that make you upset and then burn that paper.

3-Set new goals:                                      on a new notebook/paper write down your challenging list.Keep it real yet challenging… Describe the person who you want to be by making a list of goals.

4-Redecorate your room:                    Well,this may sound stupid.. Nah! But actually, it works.Redecorating my room really makes me feel better…it makes me feel fresh as if I’m a new person.I also,do buy new study supplies every semester (copybooks,pens,…)because I want to start a fresh beginning… Not because I fail in my exams…like it is completely the opposite… Considering my grades and my ranking …I think you should hear from me…hehe;):)😇

5-Get Organized:    Now,let’s move to a new daily routine …I hate to stick to the same routine for ages…I need to feel new and fresh.so,I grab my planner,diary,cute notebook or whatever I want to use to organize my new semester [in terms of my study hours (revision),Me time,Religious duties,blog….and so on)

After doing all these steps I take a refreshing pamper time (bath/shower, Skincare,nails’care,Hair care….)and here I go …I’m so ready to rock my upcoming semester !!!

Thank you so much for reading :)…I hope you’ll like it 😇;)….bye for now,and see in my next post.


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