My No-Makeup Makeup Routine!!!

Heyo, ma beauties!!!! Welcome back to my blog ,I Hope you are all doing so well!!!😇 In this blogspot I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my no-makeup makeup routine…Actually, I’m so obsess with this type of makeup these days,cute.. Nah🐰!!

Well..let’s get started!!!


  • first of all, I apply a moisturizer.
  • Next,I put a good amount of my favourite sunscreen… Then,I blend it out all over my face just using my fingers.
  • After that,I use a concealar to conceal any blemishes or dark circles…remember..It must look super natural.

✅Skin check ✔


  • I am team brow powder …I use my brow powder to fill my eyebrows then I just blend out in the best possible way to make them look super natural.

✅Eyebrows check✔


    • I apply a matte nude color on my lids ( usually light brown or nude pink).
    • then, I apply a light brown shade on my lower lashes
    • Next,I draw a thin line using an eyeliner…I try to make it natural.      
    •  For the mascara,I just use a brown mascara.(optional: sometimes I don’t wear mascara at all)

    ✅Eyes check✔



    • I use a lip balm to moisturize my lips .                                 
    • Then,I either use my peripera (reddish or pinkish) lip tint..or just a lip pencil in the nude pink color.

    ✅Lips check✔

     +I do a slight contouring to my nose.

    Done 😇💆. ✔

    So,this is basically what I do whenever I want the simple no-makeup makeup look ,i also adopt this look whenever i’m in a hurry because it takes less than 10 minutes to do it  💄…so 👍 👊.

    Hope you like it!!! 

        With love,Naly💕


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