My current Playlist!!!

 Heyo!!! Welcome back to my  blogging corner!!! ! Well in this mini blogspot I will share with you my current playlist..As you ‘ll notice none of the songs down below is new …yet,they are not that bad tho !! 😇    

  • Justin Timberlake -Can’t stop the feeling.
  • Maroon 5 -Don’t wanna know.
  • Charlie puth ft.Selena Gomez We don’t talk any more.
  • BAP  -Ribbon in the sky-
  • BTS -save me-
  • vixx -error-
  • taeyeon -Why-
  • Mondays/Lucy -if I was your girlfriend.
  • bolbbalgan4 -fight me-
  • Ailee-Home-
  • Indila -run-
  • B2st-Mistary-
  • Emblem -love will be there-
  • Zara larsson -Uncover-
  • Team BS -Case dรฉpart-
  • Miwoo -Broken doll-
  • Fifth harmony-Work from home-
  • BAP -power-
  • Ikon -Apology-
  • Bts -I need you –

What about you!?Any suggestions!! I really wanna hear new songs…with completely new spirit!! Language for me does’t really matter… Because I believe that music has no language…And that it is a beautiful art that we should celebrate.

        With love,NALY😇💕


19 thoughts on “My current Playlist!!!

  1. Listen to Let Me Love You- DJ Snake ft Justin Bieber. I’m obsessed โค
    Also listen to All of Me-John Legend.
    Have you listened to Justin Bieber's Purpose album? It's amazing.
    omg i sound like a bieber obsessed teen.

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  2. I’d recommend every BTS song but you seem to know everything already ๐Ÿ˜€
    Have you tried out Suran’s latest music? If not, look up her songs Wine, Walking and 1+1=0. I’d also recommend Triple H’s 365 Fresh ^^

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