Blogger recognition award #2

​ Heyo everyone !!!!welcome back to my mini blogging corner !!! I am so delighted to be nominated by the amazing blogger Jackie (Makeup and beyond) for the blogger recognition award… So,thank you so much Jackie I really appreciate it😇. You can check out her post here ⤵ – Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link [...]


My current Playlist!!!

 Heyo!!! Welcome back to my  blogging corner!!! ! Well in this mini blogspot I will share with you my current playlist..As you 'll notice none of the songs down below is new ...yet,they are not that bad tho !! 😇     Justin Timberlake -Can't stop the feeling. Maroon 5 -Don't wanna know. Charlie puth ft.Selena [...]

My No-Makeup Makeup Routine!!!

Heyo, ma beauties!!!! Welcome back to my blog ,I Hope you are all doing so well!!!😇 In this blogspot I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my no-makeup makeup routine...Actually, I'm so obsess with this type of makeup these days,cute.. Nah🐰!! Well..let's get started!!! 🔭1-skin: first of all, I apply [...]

My 5 ways to get longer eyelashes!!

     Hello there!Hi everyone!!!! I hope you are all doing great!! Well,today's post is going to be about few simple steps👣 that will help you to get long eyelashes in a short period of time⌚ ...based on my personal experience😇.If you want to know more ,keep reading📰 because it is the only way to [...]

Blogger Recognition Award ! | 

Hiii everyone !!! I Hope you are all doing great!!!I'm so grateful to be nominated by the amazing bloggers Bernadine "Bern Bakes"And "Doni W" for the blogger recognition award!!! You can check out the posts: Thank you so much "Bern Bakes-Bernadine" and "Doni W"😇 RULES 1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and [...]