Bye Bye 2016…!!!


    Dear 2016,

    you are kinda packing your bags to leave us forever.Few years ago, I thought you’ll never get here…but here you are…now,your mission is over and you gotta leave now and forever. There were 12 months,365days and uncountable number of hours and seconds…full of challenges,sadness,joy and experiences.Although there were no big opportunities or even small ones hehe…yet,during this particular year I’ve learned to challenge myself more and more.Also, I guess …I’ve grew up as a person and become more responsible.In 2016,I’ve learned how to turn my weaknesses into strengths and not to let anyone/anything to put me down. Actually, during this particular year I got to know myself BETTER… So,thank you and Take care…BYE!
With love,

                                           With love,    



18 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2016…!!!

  1. Wish you a happy new year, Naly ❤
    I hope this year is more smoother than the last but you should be glad of the challenges you faced without falling down. Life is tough but it is tough to bear it, that's strength.
    All the best my friend,
    Doni x

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