Should I Leave Kpop?!

Hi guys!!! so in this particular post I will share my thoughts about being a kpop fan for quite a long time now.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should leave the fandom of kpop or not! Firstly,I’ve started listening to kpop for quite 10 years now,but I would rather say that I’ve became a “real kpoper”in 2009(about 8 years ago) so basically I’m a “2nd kpop generation “fan …Referring to groups like:girls’generation (snsd),B2st,Super junior,4minute,CNblue,Ft Island,Navi,Rainbow,2NE1,2AM,2PM,Teen Top,MBLAQ,Brown Eyed Girls,T-Ara,Big Bang…and so many others…in a way you can only be a multi-fan .Actually, I kinda miss those days in which all kpopers used to respect each other and respect all idols and groups as well and don’t just attack each other because they are fans of different groups or idols.However ,I’ve started to get some feelings about the fact that kpop is just an ‘adolescents’ obsession’ and not a lifestyle as I’ve always believed… These days ,most of kpop fans are adolescents and children of 12-15 years old who always defend their favourite group blindly and childishly…and they seem to be ready to fight whenever someone state his/her point of view honestly about their idol or group.Moreover, kpop is no more about Korean values and culture as it used to be…Also,I think that it is no more about peace …but it is more about fandoms’conflicts and wars. Although …I won’t deny that I will listen to some of my favs songs from time to time …Yet,I think that it is time to say goodbye…so, “Goodbye KPOP”


20 thoughts on “Should I Leave Kpop?!

  1. Yea especially most group start disbanding. But I never be a real kpop fan girl. I just check out my favorite kpop groups’ song, show, etc. I never check their news or join their fan group, so I guess it is better for me. And before get into kpop, I was (still) into AKB48 (a Japanese girl idol group) and it is worse, so I am used to it.

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    1. Same here…for me,I was a jpop fan than I switched to kpop … Now, I’ve decided not to check out their news and so on but I think that I would only check out my fav groups new songs that’s it!!!

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  2. I think there is a difference in being a fan of Kpop and joining a fandom for a specific group. Even though it feels like the fandoms have the louder voices I think there’s still room in Kpop for the ‘multi-fan’, so if your still enjoy the music focus on that, and leave the drama to the fandoms. There are still lesser known and rookie groups who would love some support and views on Youtube from any fan.
    I’m a mature fan of multiple groups and I won’t let the fights between fandoms get to me.
    Have a great day.

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    1. It is true that you can be a multi-fan(which I am)….but it it is really annoying to feel like you are a part of a mischievous drama when you read the comments of fandoms’ war below articles…I know I’m not obliged to read them ,but I can’t help, although I don’t leave comments yet, I feel like I’m involved because I’m a fan of kpop ….so, I stopped reading their news yet, I will listen to their music from time to time…That’s it.


  3. True. We’re on the same year! I started liking kpop in 2009? or 2008? I was in elementary but I was not like the other children out there who fights for their fandom in a wrong way. I’m a kpop fan who hates fan wars. It is because I have a multifandom. I hope and pray for those immature fans to be grow up already and understand the real world. But my conclusion is, I won’t leave kpop. I once left and went back ’cause I can’t resist them. HAHA! ^_^

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    1. This is what i did I stopped fangirling ….a lot of ppl who read this post thought that I left kpop forever …I didn’t I am listening to kpop like every single day but I stopped fangirling and reading their news and scandals the way I used to do also I don’t listen to the new kpop bands from the 3 generation (except bts, k.a.r.d and Gfriend at the moment whom I really appreciate their music )๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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