Bye Bye 2016…!!!

             Dear 2016,     you are kinda packing your bags to leave us forever.Few years ago, I thought you’ll never get here…but here you,your mission is over and you gotta leave now and forever. There were 12 months,365days and uncountable number of hours and seconds…full of challenges,sadness,joy and [...]


10 quotes to boost your day!!,

 Hiii guys!!!! In this particular post I will share with you 10 of my favourite quotes ,actually there are some few other saying and quotes which I also like but I've picked these because they are motivational quotes...well ,Here we go,let's go straight to my top 10 list!!!! 1-I am a slow walker,but I never [...]

Should I Leave Kpop?!

Hi guys!!! so in this particular post I will share my thoughts about being a kpop fan for quite a long time now. Sometimes I wonder whether I should leave the fandom of kpop or not! Firstly,I've started listening to kpop for quite 10 years now,but I would rather say that I've became a "real [...]

10 lessons that I’ve learned from life.

  Hey Guys !!! So today's post is going to be about the most important lessons that I have learned from you all know life is a school and we are just student ....anyway, I hope that these few lines will inspire you or help in your daily let's go straight to those [...]