What makes the “korean makeup”so special !!!

Hi guys!!!! I hope you are all doing great!!!…..In today’s blogspot📃, i ‘m going to talk about the KOREAN MAKEUP!!!💄👛…woohoo( hehe) 🐰

Well,Here we go!!!⤵

     Pesonally,I’m a big fan of the Korean makeup, I think is it is natural yet beautiful… Isn’t it?!!

So, here’s five(5) elements or you can call them bases of the Korean makeup that do shape the Korean unique look👯 !!


1-The Thick straight Eyebrows:

The thick straight eyebrows are so freaking trendy in South Korea , because they represent the pure and innocent side of the girl. Usually,Koreans like the cute concept that’s why Korean girls prefer to be cute,sweet yet natural so,the thick straight eyebrows are the right choice for them to accomplish it successfully. Also,I think that their eyebrows make their eyes more defined without being overdone.So yesss ,I love it!!!

2-The Eyeliner:

Personally, I LOVE the way they draw their eyeliner.It looks cute and natural yet,it makes their eyes look larger and wider….again without being overdone.

73-The Pale Flawless Skin:

As I mentioned before Koreans really like the cute and childish look,that’s why they like the pale flawless skin because they say that it referees to the pure and innocent soul.

4-Gradient lips:

To achieve a natural and cute look, Koreans have adopted the trend of the gradient lips,in which they put some lip gloss on the inner part of the lips and conceal the rest of the lips.


Aegyo-Sal or the smiling eye (also:Eye Smile) is a Korean trend that’s been going on for years now .The Aegyo-Sal is to create a little fat under your eyes without actually smiling ,it gives your eyes a more defined look [NOT dark circles or bye bags].Actually, Aygyo-Sal makes your eyes look bigger and youthful. Awesome…Right!!!

Thanks for reading!!! 🙋🙋


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