Flormar Primer.

     Hey !!! So today I’ll be doing a review about : “Flormar Primer” throughout my personal experience….and I’ll be 100% honest in my opinion.

First of all it smells good.

It really helps to blend my foundation very well.

It makes my makeup last all day .

Its watery texture keep your skin moistrized for long hours.

Although,it seems like there is too much glow when you first apply it…–as if you need a towel for your face to dry it out- -yet,that too much glow will disappear after few seconds and there you are …ready to apply your next product.

It is too light and soft on the skin and it is NOT heavy At ALL!!! Even the package it self is too light as if it is out of the product( hehe …when I first held it, I thought that I’was holding an ampty one because it is too light).


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