Maybelline Age rewind Eye concealer .


Hey!!! So todayI’ll be doing a review about one of my favourite concealers throughout my personal experience.

The Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer.

So the formula of this concealer helps covering any kind of medium redness,acne scars,freckles and dark circles.

Easy to use and does not take so much time to be applied because of it’s shape.

The package make it super easy to be precised in terms of application …Also,the sponge helps not to Lose the product.
Personally I use it whenever I have skin breakouts… Because it gives a good coverage.

Moreover,it lasts for long hours.

Because of it’s matte finish,I recommend using it after a good moisturizer in order to get that kind of a natural healthy glow.

So the best way to have a good coverage is by applying it …then tap gently until it is well blended.


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