How to be Happy

1-Be your self:

You may wonder: everybody is saying that…what’s the point?what does it mean!?…..well,being your self means to accept who you are…respect your interests. Be natural and spontaneous, just don’t be fake and don’t try to copy others “you were born original… Don’t die a copy
2-Feed your soul:

Someone who is far from God,will never feel happy. Because sinful person always feel guilty and not comfortable.”Allah”is your way for happiness .So,just be good,treat others right and don’t break your relashionship with God.
3-Find new hobbies:

Find new hobbies that suit your personality… Ex: drawing, yoga,singing…..will surely help you to feel better.
4-Avoid negative people:

-Try to hangout with optimistic and positive people.

-Avoid people who do criticize you …like all day long.

-Choose your friends.

-Hangout with people who treat you right.
5-Avoid stress:

Be organized,use planners to organize your work.Also,take breaks and why not practice yoga.

I Hope that you will find these tips effective.


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